[Marxism] White supremacy and slavery: Gerald Horne on the real story of American independence - Salon.com

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Sat May 31 18:18:56 MDT 2014


You have produced a whole slew of this "American Slavocrat Rebellion"
material recently. Without intending to deny the importance of slavery to
American capitalism generally, and its salience for considering the
American Revolution's goals and course, I think this particular rendition
of "Rule Britannia" is missing a few notes. For example: if the English
monarchy was so hot to destroy slavery in the Americas, why did Jamaica
abolish slavery in *1833*? If British liberals were so enlightened about
the evils of the South, what prompted the great Liberal franchiser
Gladstone to famously exclaim "The Confederates have made a nation" during
the Civil War? If British people had a bold humanism about race early on,
where did the 20th century's Winston Churchill get his
widely-circulated ideas about the inadequacy of blacks for democracy and
why did we finally start to see some assimilated black in the Union Jack
in, I dunno, the 1980s? Unsatisfying as it may be, I think it's about fair
if you really consider European records on the issue to say that racial
equality says, like James Brown, "America Is My Home".

Jeff Rubard

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