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Clay:"Been there, heard that a thousand times."

I think this is the main problem, here, Clay; you're "reading" but you're not seeing. "None so blind as he who will not see".

Here it is real short: You didn't understand what Mark wrote. You think that because you visited the Alamo, you somehow got "englightened" about the real intent of Texas "war for independence" and now if someone wants to elucidate further (that means to  provide more information), you think he is defending White supremacy? That's not even good movement politics never mind Marxist, never mind revolutionary politics.

This issue may seem arcane to you, but whether someone is expressing White supremacy in interpreting the Texas/U.S. war with Mexico is of Particular Importance to me. It is an issue NOT for tourists.

Now, I am often the first to call White marxist/revolutionaries on their embedded racist education when they opine on many things, especially related to the struggles of people of color, which, of course, is most things. And Mark is among many with whom I have "begged to differ" on a range of questions. So, when I say that it is ridiculous to call him, or anyone, as defending slavery or White supremacy on this war because of what he expressed regarding the motives of Tejanos/Mexicanos or the Mexicans in relation to the White "Texians", you should recognize that I would be among to look for it, catch it, and denounce it.

What Mark expressed about this war expresses exactly what is now playing out in real life in the Oasis of White Supremacy that is currently serving the racist, semi-apartheid rulers of the State of Texas; thinking that if they nod to Chicanos/Mexicanos on issues of "commonality" (you know, "we" are white when it serves them), we will come behind the most backward anti-working class of sentiments.

Understanding what is at stake in understanding the backdrop to this current "problem" is of paramount importance. You clearly have demonstrated you know Nothing of it.

Pay attention

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