[Marxism] Fwd: ZCommunications » Kurdish female fighters are not media-created fictions

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 2 05:18:39 MST 2014

Female Kurdish fighters did not become the focus of media attention 
because of their appearance. If it was not for their resistance, no 
beauty contest would pay attention to them. One important factor in the 
attention that is paid to them is the spectacularity of their enemy, 
ISIS, and the fear that ISIS has stirred in mainstream media and in its 
audiences. The resistance of these female fighters did not receive 
attention when they fought against various groups in Kobane and many of 
them were killed. Would their current resistance not receive the media’s 
attention if their features didn’t conform to beauty standards as the 
mentioned critics claim? No one can be sure of the answer to this 
question. What is clear however, is that their former struggle in Kobane 
received no attention prior to ISIS positing itself as a new evil in the 
mainstream media. We can also be sure that being a female fighter, first 
and foremost, positions the subject in a place where her beauty will be 
scrutinized by critics. If she passes the exam, there may be a backlash 
against the attention that her resistance receives because she may have 
received the media’s attention not through the courage of her acts, but 
rather through the conformity of her features to beauty standards.


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