[Marxism] The materialist conception of happiness

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 2 09:30:49 MST 2014

Not so fast with the "Chinese are happy" mantra:

Astounding Percentage of Young Workers in China Admitting to Be 'Diaosi' 
(Loser): Survey

NetEase, www.163.com, October 31, 2014

The term diaosi originated as an insult for a poor, unattractive young 
person who stays at home all day playing video games, with dim prospects 
for the future — in other words, a loser. And yet it is a term that, 
ever since going viral on the Internet, Chinese youth from all 
backgrounds have embraced. It has become a self-deprecating counter to 
the gaofushuai ("tall-rich-handsome") — those with status, success, and 
a bright future.

The term is understood by linguists as a degrading one, used by the 
large Chinese youth population as their own way of expressing their 
resentment toward the outside world. Nevertheless, the number of people 
who refer to themselves as diaosi has continued to grow, and it is 
slowly transforming into a descriptor of the common Chinese citizen who 
faces everyday struggles and hardships, as shown by a new report 
released on October 29, 2014, by a research group from China's 
prestigious Peking University together with a Chinese website.

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