[Marxism] The materialist conception of happiness

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 2 18:08:25 MST 2014

Marv, the attempt to make an analogy between China today and the U.S. in 
the late nineteenth century, for example, is deeply flawed. A vast 
industrial future lay before the U.S. then. China today is without doubt 
engaged in capitalist industrialization. It will probably finish very 
quickly by historical standards. And so two or three decades from now, 
China arrives at the same impasse as the U.S. - an economy of advancing 
technology but regressing economic, social, and cultural life -- unable 
to combine vigorous, profitable accumulation with an increasing living 
standard of the masses.

This is the context for the report that many young Chinese workers 
already have the same attitude as young U.S. workers: their situation is 

One might add evidence from the other side of the class divide. A huge 
portion of the richest Chinese have moved significant wealth and young 
family members out of China - about a third of them by some estimates. 
In the 19th century U.S., the nouveau riche ran their youth through 
tours and finishing schools of Europe, but they did not prepare safe 
haven abroad as the Chinese rich (both private capitalists and high 
governmental officials) do today.

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