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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Nov 3 08:15:14 MST 2014

Some idiot on Andy Newman's Socialist Unity blog comments as Mark 
Victorystooge. This article explains the origin of this name, a bit of 
lame satire from Joe Sacco, the comic book artist who has worked with 
Chris Hedges, the author of the article. If you want to write satire 
about Marxist politics, you have to have some knowledge about it like in 
Tariq Ali's novel "Redemption".


Much of Sacco’s early work was satirical. I love his comic called “Mark 
Victorystooge,” reprinted in his anthology “Notes From a Defeatist.” 
Mark Victorystooge is a forlorn Trotskyist revolutionary. “Long after 
Time magazine had declared socialism dead,” Sacco writes, “Mark 
Victorystooge trembled at the notion of a workers’ paradise rising from 
the rubble of capitalism … but Mark Victorystooge trembled alone. ... He 
hadn’t been laid in years.” Victorystooge fights back 
counterrevolutionary thoughts such as “What good will the dictatorship 
of the proletariat be if I can’t even get a hand job?” His life changes 
when he takes the role of the hammer in a one-act play adaptation of 
Marx’s “Wages, Price and Profit.” He falls in love with the woman 
playing the sickle, and when they eventually have sex—he remains trapped 
inside his hammer costume—it is “the most erotic 12 seconds of Mark 
Victorystooge’s life.” But it turns out the party has uncovered 
Stalinist leanings in his girlfriend. Mark Victorystooge is forced, 
after being kidnapped and interrogated by party members, to denounce 
her. By the time the workers do rise up and smash the state, he is so 
lost and distraught, wandering the streets in his hammer costume, that 
he is declared an enemy of the revolution and executed. Comics like 
these—and Sacco has created a lot of them—employ the black humor and 
dark vision of human nature that define the writings of Louis-Ferdinand 


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