[Marxism] Follow-up on Moscow Health Care Protests (attn: Andrew Pollack)

Thomas Campbell avvakum at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 23:55:38 MST 2014

It was only this morning that I came across this excellent, long article in
the Moscow Times, published a few days before Sunday's rally, about the
proposed health care "reforms" in Moscow and the public uproar over them.
It explains all the issues much better than I could:


I have no contact with the folks who organized the rally, Together for
Decent [or Dignified] Medicine, but our comrades from the Russian Socialist
Movement were, apparently, at the rally


so if you're serious about reaching out to the Muscovites, you might be
able contact them via the email for RSM's OpenLeft wing:

openleft [at] openleft.ru <//openleft at openleft.ru>

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