[Marxism] Stalinist-Trotskyist bromance

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 08:31:27 MST 2014

Years of conflicting practices overlay differences on the USSR.  In the US,
at least, it seems to me that if there had never been a USSR, you would
still have what American Trotskyists have called "Stalinism."  It seems to
be in the nature of things that you would have currents that would see some
benefit in accommodating themselves to the capitalist system and coupling
it to Marxist terminology.  That would have happened if the Soviet Union
never existed, or it CP had never formed and early gone through
"Stalnization."  Indeed, "Stalinist" politics have survived the fall of the
USSR and shows little sign of fading.

As to the "Trotskyist" tradition, the old man has been dead now over 70
years.  Calling oneself a Trotskyist in the present context is as
informative as if someone would have described themselves in the 1960s as
Bellamyist or something.  But, most importantly, the very nature of
Trotskyism involves defining itself in relation to Stalinism rather than to
the wider class struggle.  This insight flickers on and off through the
history of American Trotskyism without having provided enough enlightenment
to have influenced the current situation.


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