[Marxism] Never mind

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 5 12:29:21 MST 2014

It was James P. Cannon:

The little handful of recalcitrant capitalists who don’t like what is 
happening will not have to stay and watch if they don’t want to. The 
workers’ government of rich America could easily afford to give them an 
island or two, for their exclusive habitation, and pension them off and 
get them out of the way. How big is Catalina Island here? That might be 
just the place for them. It will not be necessary to kill them off. Just 
send them to Catalina. Let them take their bonds and stock certificates 
with them—as mementos of bygone days—and give them enough caviar and 
champagne to finish out their useless lives, while the workers go on 
with their work of constructing a new and better social order. That’s 
what Trotsky said.


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