[Marxism] Against the Dictatorship of the Expertariat

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Wed Nov 5 19:14:46 MST 2014

I've just had a piece in Jacobin on post-democracy, global governance and
existential threats.

It doesn't mention GMOs, so hopefully Louis won't mind my posting it here.


In response to an array of 'existential threats', there has been an
explosion in post-democratic international decision-making structures
modelled on the IPCC/UNFCCC.

There's now an 'IPCC but for biodiversity', an 'IPCC but for
desertification', and a proposed 'IPCC but for antibiotic resistance'. As
with the EU, independent central banks, the WTO, the IMF, the UN Security
Council and the full metastasising panoply of post-democratic international
governance bodies and treaties, a range of policy decisions are steadily
being taken out of the hands of direct democratic control and placed in the
hands of 'experts'. I argue the solutions to all of these real problems are
ultimately not - or not only - scientific, but political.

The solution is not a 'time-out' for democracy as James Lovelock argues,
but much more democracy, global democracy.



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