[Marxism] Wave a White Flag: On “Left” Support for the Democratic Party

Douglas Greene greene.douglas at ymail.com
Fri Nov 7 16:11:10 MST 2014

By Doug Enaa Greene
The midterm elections are over. The right-wing Republicans delivered a massive defeat to the floundering Democrats across the board, regaining control of the US Senate and grabbing governorships and statehouses across the country.Voter turnout was incredibly low at 33.4 percent, with most people choosing to ignore the spectacle of disgusting, corrupt politicians duking it out with each other, making meaningless threats and promises. Few politicians wanted to be associated with President Obama, who used this new electoral drubbing to promptly ask for new authority for his expanding war in Syria and Iraq.

US voters are rightfully disdainful of the electoral process. Disenfranchised Black and Latin@ voters stayed away from the elections in droves, even in places where resurgent racist Jim Crow voting laws didn't prevent them from exercising their rights. While the right-wing movement that the Republicans are spearheading is indeed something we should pay attention to, it's actually a good thing that so many people have turned their backs on the charade of pseudo democracy that the US elections represent. Which is why it's surprising that some leftists are still preaching the worn-out strategy of looking to liberal Democrats as a way of building some kind of popular movement. As Joelle Fishman of the Communist Party said to justify her party's capitulation to the Democrats, “Defeating the extreme right wing in this election comes down to voter turnout. This huge fight to get out the vote can result in a stronger movement going forward.”

Wave a White Flag: On “Left” Support for the Democratic Party | Open Media Boston
Wave a White Flag: On “Left” Support for the Democratic ...
The midterm elections are over.   
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