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Sun Nov 9 06:07:44 MST 2014

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On 11/9/14 5:59 AM, glparramatta via Marxism wrote:
> Comrades,
> I stand here as the General Secretary of the biggest affiliate of this
> federation, as a founding member at the Congress of 1985. I will be
> reminding comrades here of our common history.
> I stand here because the Central Executive Committee of this federation
> has offered Numsa an opportunity to explain to you why we should not be
> expelled or suspended from this organisation. I am going to fulfil that
> task thoroughly. I will explain in great detail exactly why Numsa should
> not be expelled or suspended and why, instead, this federation should
> obey its own constitution and allow workers, as owners of the
> federation, to decide on its future.
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