[Marxism] Hezbollah: US Not in Favour of Destabilizing Syrian Gov’t

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Subject: Re: [Marxism] Hezbollah: US Not in Favour of Destabilizing Syrian Gov’t

> From the anti-imperialist horse's mouth

> It actually seems to have come from some Zionist spy's mouth (which of course doesn't mean it isn't true):

> http://www.haaretz.com/news/middle-east/1.625380

I don’t follow. Are you saying that was a fake al-Manar page? Looks real to me. If you mean Hezbollah picked up a story originating in Israel, well, no, THAT story has been around a week or so now, and Israel was not the only source. But that story simply said the US had assured Iran that the Assad regime would not be a target of its intervention. Actually, that is old news. But the al-Manar article claimed the US was not in favour of any destabilisation of the Assad regime, a considerably stronger statement. Which means either that it is a different story that hezbollah ahs got hold of, or Hezbollah is so thrilled by the idea of a US-Assad alliance that it deliberately exaggerates the story. Take your pick

> You guys don't actually think this following it immediately was coincidental, do you?
> http://reut.rs/10JB94J

> Or this fairly predictable bit of tail-wagging?
> http://nyti.ms/1w8Q7Nn

Again I don’t follow. These 2 articles are from 2013, how are they “following it immediately”? But in any case, they well could be, because they say the same thing as what the UUS as saying a year before that and the same thing as they are saying now, a year later. For example, your first article begins:

“Congressional committees are holding up a plan to send U.S. weapons to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because of fears that such deliveries will not be decisive and the arms might end up in the hands of Islamist militants, five U.S. national security sources said.”

Right. Mid-2013. But who could tell that wasn’t 2012 or 2014? It is exactly the same message from the US that we have heard the last 4 years. Just that some imagine they’ve heard different. Beats me when. Ditto for the other one about UK.

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