[Marxism] Fwd: Petition to Cancel Israeli Invasion Advisor's Visit to NYU Law gathers +100 signatures in less than 24 hours

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 18:42:57 MST 2014

*In less than 24 hours, over 100 NYU students, alumni, faculty/staff,
student groups, community members and community organizations have signed
onto the following petition to rescind the invitation to an Israeli
invasion advisor to NYU Law. *

*Please consider reading this petition and expressing your opposition to
this event by signing here


*Petition to Cancel Israeli Invasion Advisor's Visit to NYU Law*

*Full list of signatories to this petition:*
*(Signatories as of 11/10: 117 students, student organizations,
faculty/staff, alumni, community members, and community organizations).*

To the NYU Law Federalist Society and NYU Law Professor Ryan Goodman,

We call on the Federalist Society to rescind your invitation to Israeli
Military Lieutenant-Colonel-Doctor Eran Shamir-Borer to speak at the Law
School this coming Thursday; and we call on Professor Ryan Goodman to
cancel your participation in the same event.

Hosting an Israeli military officer to field questions about the legality
of Israeli war crimes goes beyond discussing the matter in an academic
fashion to whitewashing and normalizing those who violate international
law’s core tenets most brazenly.

Shamir-Borer’s supporters describe him as the legal advisor for Operation
Protective Edge, the Israeli military codename for this summer’s Israeli
invasion of Gaza, which killed over two-thousand Palestinians -- most of
them civilians, including roughly five hundred children. Shamir-Borer’s
role is to shield Israel from accountability for war crimes.

There is a virtual international consensus that Israel committed grave
violations of the laws of war during its Gaza invasion. Most human rights
watchdogs, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, as well
as UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and UN High Commissioner for Human
Rights Navi Pillay, concluded that Israel perpetrated a number of war
crimes during this campaign, including deliberately targeting civilians and
civilian infrastructure, medical facilities, and shelters, the use of
weaponry incapable of distinction in densely populated areas, generally
failing to distinguish between civilians and combatants, and conducting
disproportionate attacks, among other grave breaches of the Hague
Regulations, Geneva Conventions and customary international law.

Shamir-Borer, who is on tour to justify Israel’s massacres at universities,
has already met with considerable backlash elsewhere. His visit to Tufts
University has sparked over 1200 individuals to petition that university to
cancel the event. Around the country, students are standing up to a culture
of impunity for Israeli atrocities.

This event would continue NYU Law’s unfortunate and irresponsible behavior
in the aftermath of this summer’s tragedy. As you may know, NYU Law
enthusiastically embraced the Forum on Law, Culture, and Society this
August, despite Forum Director Thane Rosenbaum’s abhorrent statement that
Palestinians “forfeit [their] right to be called civilians”. He based this
on how some Palestinians voted in an election, echoing the rationalizations
for violence against civilians used by terrorists.

Individuals who are responsible for such blatant crimes of war deserve to
be heard at their trials. Shamir-Borer’s appropriate venue for this
presentation is at the Hague, not at a law school under the guise of
academic exchange.


NYU Students

Aimin Mitwally

Alex Boodrookas

Alisha Bhaumik

Alyssa C. Smith

Ameed Abualteen

Amith Gupta

Andrew Donilon

Asad Ahmed

Asma Peracha

Ayesha Krige

Belle Cheves

Bianca Isaias

Calisha D. Myers

Ellis Garey

Emma Pliskin

Eric Sturm

Evan Jones

Evan Neuhausen

Hannah Dehradunwala

Hannah Lawrence

Isaac Hand

Jennifer Varela

Jonah Walters

Jonathan Laks

Kat Thornton

Kristina Lewis

Laura Phillips

Lila Suboh

Mariam Elba

Marianne Tassone

Maya Wind

Megan Goddard

Nantina Vgontzas

Patricia Shnell

Perla Alvarez

Radwa Salem

Rustin Zarkar

Ryan mcnamara

Schneur Newfield

Shimrit Lee

Sophia Garrow

Wei-Po Wang

Yael Heiblum

Yanzhou Chen

Zavier Wingham

Christine Sifferman

NYU Staff & Faculty

Samantha Jaser

NYU Alumni

Allison Brown

Corinna Mullin

Doris Soroko

Eva Schreiner

James Clark

Lucy Parks

Michael Stephen Smith, Esq,

Mindy Gershon

Prof. Terri Ginsberg

Stephen Garrow

Susan Harman, Ed.D.

Zein Zubi

Agatha Jadwiszczok

NYU Student Organizations

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine

International Socialist Organization (NYU)

Law Students for Justice in Palestine

Community Organizations

Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign

Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine

Free Palestine Movement

International Solidarity Movement of Northern California

Global March to Jerusalem -- North America

Community Members

Alexander garrow

Alice Diane Kisch

Amir M. Maasoumi

Audrey Bomse

Catherine r cusic

Cindy Shamban

Clayton Woolery

Denise Alvarado

Dennis Brasky

Dira Djaya

Donna Wallach

Dylan Saba

Ellen Brotsky

Ethan Heitner

garrett larosn,Sr.

helen schiff

Humza Qureshi

Isabella Kahhale

Jane Jewell

Joe Meadors

Jonathan Jacob Moore

Julia Shpirt

Julia Wedgle

Kaitlin Pang

Leila Forouhi

lenore sheridan

Leora Harris

Michael Leonard, Esq.

Michael Sola

Nabil Wahbeh

Nicholas Abramson

Nicolas Serhan

Rakan Nimr

Rima Garrow

Rosemary and Milt Neidenberg

Saul Ulloa

Shebar Windstone

Sophia Goodfriend

Sylvia Schwarz

Willow Katz

Zuhair Al-Atwi

Fred Nagel

Nicole Joseph

Steve Heeren

Susan Shawl

The Rev Ernest W. Cockrell

Paul Larudee

Hassan Fouda

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