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I am forwarding a message from Com. Sukla Sen on the declaration of Indian Left Parties.It is too late and it apperas they are trying to throw a few buckets of water after the house is burnt to ashes. The people have lost confidence on the capacity of Indian Left Parties to respond to people's problems. They had gone into hibernation long back.Vijaya Kumar M

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*1 November, 2014*
*Left Parties Press Release*

A meeting of six Left parties - Communist Party of India (Marxist),
Communist Party of India, Revolutionary Socialist Party, All India Forward
Bloc, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-Liberation and Socialist
Unity Centre of India (Communist) was held today at New Delhi. They have
issued the following statement:
 With the advent of the Modi government in power there is a concerted
rightwing offensive fueled by the corporate-Hindutva forces. There is a
growing onslaught on the people through the imposition of neo-liberal
policies which is going to adversely impact the livelihood of the people.
There is no respite for the people from price rise, unemployment and
 The Hindutva forces are resorting to aggressive communal activities. The
Modi government's patronage of the RSS and its outfits is aimed at
communalising the educational, social and cultural institutions. There is
rise in communal tensions in different parts of the country.
 The Left parties decided to conduct a week long protest campaign between
December 8 to 14, 2014 on the following issues:
 (i)              Against steps to  curtail and dilute the MNREGA
(ii)            Curb price rise; control exorbitant price of medicines and
(iii)          No increased FDI in insurance.
(iv)          Take firm action to unearth black money
(v)            Stop infiltration of the RSS and Hindutva ideology in
education, public broadcasting media and other institutions of the State.
(vi)          Stop the "love jihad" hate campaign and other forms of
communal propaganda
(vii)        Stop attacks on minorities and their rights
(viii)    Fight violence against women and all forms of gender oppression
(ix)          Fight against atrocities on dalits and caste oppression
  Those who attended the meeting were:
 Debabrata Biswas {AIFB}; Kshiti Goswami & Manoj Bhattacharya {RSP}; Swapan
Mukherjee & Kavita Krishnan {CPI(ML)-Liberation}; Manik Mukherjee & Ranjit
Dhar {SUCI(C)}, A.B. Bardhan & D Raja {CPI} and Prakash Karat & S
Ramachandran Pillai {CPI(M)}.

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