[Marxism] ISIS incubation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 12 08:15:53 MST 2014

Dear Nicola Nasser,

You article 
on how ISIS sprang from the womb of American imperialism is really 

"The IS was the illegitimate fetus born and nurtured inside the uterus 
of the US –  engineered political process based on a constitution 
legalizing a federal system based in turn on sectarian and ethnic 
sharing of power and wealth."

I think that your methodology could be the wellspring of a new way of 
conducting historical research. It could persuade one given to leaps of 
the imagination that Nazism sprang from the womb of British imperialism 
since the onerous conditions of the Treaty of Versailles made economic 
misery in Germany inevitable.

But Lloyd George and Clemenceau were not the original architects of the 
Third Reich when you stop and think about it. The real blame for the 
rise of the modern liberal bourgeois democracy was John Locke, the 
naughty British philosopher whose musings on freedom and property surely 
must have been intended to midwife the swastika.

Digging deeper into the tentacles of this vast conspiracy, you have to 
put the blame on Plato and Hellenic imperialism that in many ways was 
the forerunner of modern fascism. Without Plato, you can't have Locke. 
Plato's Republic with its philosopher-kings--that's obviously the 
incubator for "Mein Kampf".

But why stop there? Without Neanderthal man, there is no Greek 
"civilization". They say that Alley-Oop, the headman of the Gubblik 
tribe of Neanderthals in lower Slobovia, was bent on destroying the 
planet way, way back in 200,000 BC. From what archaeologists can glean 
from the relics, Alley-Oop was a bed-wetter whose mom used to beat him 
over the head with the thigh-bone of a saber-tooth tiger. If there's any 
lessons to be drawn from this abysmal tale, it is don't beat your 
children with the thigh-bones of saber-tooth tigers.

With a warm embrace,

Louis Proyect

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