[Marxism] ISIS incubation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Nov 12 12:56:20 MST 2014

On 11/12/14 10:15 AM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> Dear Nicola Nasser,
> You article
> (https://zcomm.org/znetarticle/the-endgame-of-the-us-islamic-state-strategy/)
> on how ISIS sprang from the womb of American imperialism is really
> fascinating:
> "The IS was the illegitimate fetus born and nurtured inside the uterus
> of the US –  engineered political process based on a constitution
> legalizing a federal system based in turn on sectarian and ethnic
> sharing of power and wealth."
> I think that your methodology could be the wellspring of a new way of
> conducting historical research. It could persuade one given to leaps of
> the imagination that Nazism sprang from the womb of British imperialism
> since the onerous conditions of the Treaty of Versailles made economic
> misery in Germany inevitable.

A useful comment on this from my old friend Reza:

If everything under the sun is ultimately caused by imperialism, then 
there is no need for any analysis. Everything is caused by imperialism. 
Period. What's the point of analysis then? What is there *to* analyze?

But more importantly, such 'analyses' that start and end by saying "It 
was caused by imperialism" simply make themselves look redundant after a 
while. As we used to say, "In the final analysis," this may be true. 
But, from here to the final analysis there are tons of explanations that 
still need to be taken into account.

Civil Engineers, for example, do not resort to 'gravity' as the main 
explanation for everything. Maybe it's time our social commentators 
followed some scientific (i.e., rational) guidelines for providing 
explanations, rather than the "final analysis" shorthand replacing 
complex and more real explanations.

reza f.

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