[Marxism] Richard Smith v. Naomi Klein

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 09:25:39 MST 2014

Richard just had an incredible article (more like a long pamphlet) posted
at truth-out; I'm linking the version posted below so folks can also see
the work of this great coalition:


The article is a great detailed discussion of the nature of the problem,
and on the variety of measures needed to overcome it (I particularly like
his focus on transition to "care industries").

But it's also a biting critique of Naomi Klein's latest book "This Changes
Everything: Capitalism versus the Climate." Richard makes painfully clear
that her proposals, despite claims by some that she's moved further
leftward, are still just tinkering on the margins of the system, that her
policy proposals are liberal/social democratic reforms which would leave
the fate of the planet and all its species in the hands of its current
rulers, which means certain doom for all of us.

I hadn't read Klein's book before, but Richard's critique made me rush to
do so. Unfortunately his criticisms are all too true.

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