[Marxism] Goodbye to Leninism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 16 07:07:57 MST 2014

On 11/15/14 5:57 PM, James Creegan via Marxism wrote:
> Lenin was attempting to build a revolutionary socialist party.

I did not say that Lenin was trying to build something like Syriza in 
Russia. There was no Syriza at the time. Alex Tsipras had not yet been 
born, as far as I know. Lenin was trying to build something like 
Kautsky's party:

"Why is there not a single political event in Germany that does not add 
to the authority and prestige of the Social-Democracy? Because 
Social-Democracy is always found to be in advance of all the others in 
furnishing the most revolutionary appraisal of every given event and in 
championing every protest against tyranny...It intervenes in every 
sphere and in every question of social and political life; in the matter 
of Wilhelm's refusal to endorse a bourgeois progressive as city mayor 
(our Economists have not managed to educate the Germans to the 
understanding that such an act is, in fact, a compromise with 
liberalism!); in the matter of the law against 'obscene' publications 
and pictures; in the matter of governmental influence on the election of 
professors, etc., etc."

--What is to be Done

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