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Some perspective on Louis' canned judgments of Cuban history:

Blas Roca, Cuban Communist And Party Theoretician, Dies

NY Times, April 27, 1987

Blas Roca, a leading theoretician of the Cuban Revolution who led Cuba's 
prerevolutionary Communist Party, died Saturday in Havana. The Cuban 
Government declared three days of official mourning, Reuters reported 
from Havana. More than 100,000 mourners stood waiting overnight to view 
the body of Mr. Roca. The Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, was among those 
who came to pay his respects.

Mr. Roca, who was born Francisco Calderio in the eastern Cuban city of 
Manzanillo, left school at the age of 11 and began shining shoes to help 
support his poor family. Mr. Roca was imprisoned three times in the 
1930's for his anti-Government activities and later served 12 years in 
the Cuban legislature. Although Mr. Roca and the Communist Party 
supported Gen. Fulgencio Batista when he was elected in 1940 to a 
four-year term as President, they later broke with him and opposed a 
military coup in which he returned to power in 1952.

Mr. Roca led Cuba's clandestine Communist movement during the 
dictatorship under which General Batista ruled from 1952 to 1958. The 
Communists differed initially with Mr. Castro's efforts to bring General 
Batista down through guerrilla war, but reconciled with Mr. Castro.

Mr. Roca served from 1976 through 1981 as president of the National 
Assembly of Popular Power.

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