[Marxism] Goodbye to Leninism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 16 14:03:08 MST 2014

On 11/16/14 3:43 PM, James Creegan via Marxism wrote:
> The reason for not doing so is that these parties, which have
> no horizons other than electoral and legislative, are most
> emphatically NOT the latter-day equivalents of Bolshevism.
> Bolshevism was revolutionary; Syriza and Podemos are
> openly and self-professedly reformist.

James, Syriza and/or Podemos are not the kind of party that is needed to 
make a revolution in Greece or Spain. These are transitional forms much 
like the parties that preceded the Republican Party in the USA before 
decisive class forces entered the battlefield against slavery. Such 
parties reflect the state of the class struggle at a given stage. They 
will always pale in comparison to your idea of the revolutionary party. 
Plato deals with such a methodology at great length in the "Republic" 

> Once again: If the Lenin of 1903 sought to build a party on
> the model of German Social Democracy, it is because he believed
> (as is evident from quotation Louis offers), that the SPD was a revolutionary
> party (mistakenly, as 1914 was to show). In Russia, Lenin did not seek to build
> an ecumenical party, but one that excluded reformists.

I think this formula speaks for itself. We have had a Sargasso Sea of 
parties built on excluding reformists since the early 20s. Frankly, I am 
thankful that people like Jim Creegan have isolated themselves from the 
petty-bourgeois swamp. It makes our task easier.

> He says in WTBD? that
> German party could afford to include the Bernsteinian revisionists
> because its revolutionary leadership, which he, (again wrongly), took Kautsky to
> represent, was strong enough to keep Bernstein & Co. at bay. He says that revolutionary
> leadership of his own party, the RSDLP, is not yet sufficiently established to afford such a
> luxury. And the Bolsheviks never would be. Lenin's entire political career was devoted
> separating revolutionaries from reformists.

I think that if Lenin inspires you to separate yourself from reformists, 
please carry on.

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