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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Nov 16 14:30:05 MST 2014

On 11/16/14 4:21 PM, Wythe Holt jr. wrote:
> Thanks for this good sense, Louis.  Football -- which unfortunately I
> like to watch -- breeds violence and disregard of human health
> through its practices, through the devotion of all connected with the
> sport to violence and to "hitting" (the euphemism always used by
> football people for what they teach players to do to other players,
> usually as violently as possible), through its macho pseudo-manliness
> mantras and obedience systems.  I hope that all of this about
> permanent injuries, concussions, and the (often sexual) violence
> wreaked upon family members and the young coming into the sport -- as
> you so rightly emphasize -- brings about the demise of this vicious
> and hurtful sport.  Wythe

Whythe, I assume that this was meant for the list.

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