[Marxism] Goodbye to Leninism

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Tue Nov 18 14:39:14 MST 2014

Isn't this really one of those terms that has been so severely
misrepresented and abused--by its advocates as well as critics--that the
most honest solution would be to set it aside in the interest of clarity?
All political vocabulary drifts and smudges itself in the press of events.
Time just exaggerates the process.  And it's all particularly true of terms
that aren't defined in the concrete practices and policies of institutions
with power behind them.

So, what do the defenders of Leninism and advocates of the Leninist party
mean whey they use those terms?  The same as Bob Avakian?  Jack Barnes?


Why not say the same of Marxism? Is it what Kautsky said it was? Lenin and Trotsky? Kim Il-Sung?

The fact is that, from 1903 to 1917 and after, in Russia and abroad, Lenin waged a fight
for a certain kind of politics and party. We may legitimately debate the relevance of his fight to contemporary
conditions. But there are nevertheless a number of political positions and practices which were distinctively his, 
and quite justly associated with his name. Would not dropping the term "Leninism" be a step toward depriving Lenin of his 
rightful historical place?

Jim Creegan

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