[Marxism] Goodbye to Leninism

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 21:50:36 MST 2014

I'm not sure that the position Karl Kautsky took on this a century ago is
relevant, but, for the record, he claimed to be a Marxist.  In fact, most
people in the world at that time who called themselves Marxists would have
read, known of, and agreed with Kautsky rather than Lenin on most of the
questions you see as important.

So what?  I think it's absurd to think that that tells us something about
who may have been right or not on those questions. It's perfectly possible
for people to develop sound class politics without having to had your new
members classes and using the terminology with which we'd be comfortable .
. . which is ultimately came from the experience of a very distinct and
narrow section of the international working class . . . .

Didn't Victor Serge approach these those questions without following the
line of apostolic succession?  As far as that goes, didn't Malcolm X?
Geronimo? Victoria Woodhull?  John Brown?

What concerns us shouldn't be securing anybody's "rightful historical
place"--and this is coming from a historian.  Historical questions are
ultimately not determinants.

To paraphrase Marx, this point is not how we understand history but how we
can make it.


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