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>> The level of myopia flagged by some of the purists who seek to denigrate 
Klein's perspective
>> amazes me.
> [...]
> "I may be mistaken, but I'd be surprised if she means by the end of capitalism 
the economic and
> political expropriation of the bourgeoisie and the replacement of private by 
public ownership of
> the major industries, as happened in the USSR, China, and Cuba, consistent 
with the traditional
> understanding of the socialist movement. Naomi seems to have more in mind a 
radical reform of the
> system and strict regulation of the corporations.
> [...]

Socialism in one country - as in USSR, China, and Cuba - is a dead end and as we 
have seen turns into its opposite. Stalinism and its junior off-shoots of 
Maoism, Gueverism, Enverism, etc. did and will get us nowhere fast. In fact, 
these sub-standard 'socialist' ideologies have to be overcome as barriers to the 
socialist/communist advance that the world and its people need.

And how anyone can begin to imagine that the environment cannot be of primary 
concern to Marxists and a Marxist program is incredible. Capitalism and its 
ever-readiness to extract profit regardless of consequences is what is damaging 
workers' and other working people's lives and the planet as whole. One way or 
another, capitalism will kill us if we don't stop it.

Naomi Klein is an important writer and her contribution to the debate on 
capitalism's destruction of the planet is something no Marxist can ignore.

Jim (jim at redunity.org) on 21/11/2014
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