[Marxism] Highway 61 Again--A Book Review

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What a story, Thomas! Hope you spread that more widely.
I assume someone has written somewhere about those events. Anyone know?

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> Here’s another road story with political twist.
> Hitchhiked from very Southern Indiana to the West Coast and back summer of
> 1959, college break.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.
> My road outfit was a short haircut, a blue seersucker suit, a very small
> suitcase and a pre-war Gibson jumbo guitar.’
> That was to play the music of my Indiana place of origin, a combination of
> old time, bluegrass and Hank Williams style.
> I say with all modesty that earlier that summer, yours truly, with
> Charlotte Bell, and Jimmy Neawedee, won first place at the Bill Monroe
> Brown County Jamboree Bluegrass talent search program, Nashville, Indiana,
> picking and singing The Dream Of The Miners Child and Freight Train
> Careless Love.  We had also learned and did some songs by another country
> musician we liked, Woody Guthrie.
> Hitching hiking back East through Oklahoma, I was picked up by a farmer
> driving a beat up bailing wire repaired pickup truck, probably 60 or 70
> years old.  The farmer, not the truck.
> He said he’d give me a ride if I did him some music.
> So, being in Oklahoma, I did Pretty Boy Floyd, a Guthrie song about how
> Floyd, from Shawnee, Oklahoma stole from the rich and gave food and money
> to poor farmers who had nothing.
> When I got done, there was a silence and then the farmer said, “That’s a
> true song.”
> After another silence he said, “Back then, we got our rifles and we came
> to town.  Lots of us did that.  Lots of towns.  We took the ice house, and
> the meat locker plant, and the electric, and the phone company and the
> banks, and tore up the bank paper on the farms.
> “Then that son- of-a-bitch Roosevelt came in and made us give them all
> back.”
> “But we’ll get them again someday.”
> T
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> >Me and my best buddy hitched from DC to Nuevo Laredo towards the end
> >of the Summer of 1958, likewise inspired by Kerouac. We wanted to have
> >a life adventure (we did), meet interesting people (we did, including
> >one solo driver that picked us up who may have been Paul Newman),
> >smoke Mary Jane (we did), get laid (we did), drink (we did), and have
> >bragging rights and cred in our college-bound circle (accomplished).
> >I, too, wish I'd kept a journal or used a camera.
> >
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> http://stillhomeron.blogspot.com/2014/11/going-down-highway-61-again.html
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> >> I hitchhiked from Dallas to Baltimore on Highway 61 in August 1965. It
> >> is a miracle I made it in one piece. I was trying to emulate Jack
> >> Kerouac, it had nothing to do with civil rights. Had many incredible
> >> encounters including a ride with some guy in Maryland driving a hot-rod.
> >> I wish I had kept a journal.
> >>
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