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November 26, 2014, Issue 210


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1A. Hudson Valley Protests Brown Decision

1.   Quotes of The Month Paul L. Robeson

2.   Our Newsletter is Read Worldwide

3.   The Election and Beyond

4.   “Life In The Circle”

5.   2.5 Million Homeless Children in U.S.

6.   The Age of Vulnerability

7.   Africa is Bigger Than You Think

8.   Russia, Germany & Ukraine

9.   Bombing and Blaming Muslim Countries

10. Marissa Alexander’s Plea Deal

11. Leslie Feinberg, Presente!

12. Dilma Rousseff Wins, Neoliberalism Loses

13. Climate Groups Prepare for UN Meeting

14. Palestinians are Right To Resist

15. Don’t Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion

16. Angry French Farmers Protest Government

17. Syria’s Ruin

18. Belgium Protest Against Austerity



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