[Marxism] Effacing the radical tradition in the American Jewish Co mmunity

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Thu Nov 27 11:11:13 MST 2014

And to that list, I would add the battles over affirmative action during the 1970s.  

Jim Farmelant
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Subject: [Marxism] Effacing the radical tradition in the American Jewish Community
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 13:05:11 -0500

One watershed event omitted from Cohen's piece is the teachers' strike in Ocean Hill-Brownsville (NYC) in 1968, which
followed closely upon the '67 war . An SDSer at the time (and a college kid who didn't know all that much), I supported 
the "black community" against the strikers--a position I now believe to have been wrong. Upon subsequent reading, I 
concluded that the Rockefeller Foundation, under McGeorge Bundy (remember him?), was deliberately (and successfully) 
using slogans of community control to pit blacks against unions. But, whatever the rights and wrongs of that dispute, it did 
mark a certain turning point.Jews, many of whom had previously considered themselves not quite white, began increasingly
thereafter to think of themselves as another white ethnicity.

Jim Creegan  

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