[Marxism] Effacing the radical tradition in the American Jewish Co mmunity

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Up to the late 1960s, and beyond, Israel had enjoyed considerable support from left radicals in the United States. The CPUSA, after all, had endorsed the creation of Israel back in 1948, in line with the Soviet foreign policy of that time. The fact that Israel, for the first thirty years of its existence had been governed mostly by social democratic politicians helped to give it a favorable image to many people on the left. 

In France one of the factors that led to the demise of the Maoist movements that had come out of the 1968 events was the massacre of Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Many of the Jewish intellectuals and students in France who had supported the Maoists, discovered their "inner Zionist".  That drove a wedge between them and the largely immigrant (often Arab) workers who backed the Maoists.  A lot of those intellectual ended up backing Mitterrand's Socialist Party, and some moved even further to the right. More than a few ex-Maoists served as cabinet ministers under Mitterrand. 

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Agree on both counts. Cohen is also right to single out the 1967 war as a turning point, but not quite for the reason she mentions. Very few young Jewish radicals I knew in university at the time were genuinely alarmed about their own survival, as she suggests, or that of the all-conquering Israelis. But when forced to choose between the new Palestinian movement which was rapidly winning the support of the international left against the occupation and their own sympathies for a �Jewish state�, which they continued to view through a romantic haze, they decisively opted for the latter. Once embarked on that trajectory, they moved farther and farther to the right which paralleled the inevitable evolution of the Israeli state and society.

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