[Marxism] Two views on Catalan independence

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 29 14:19:52 MST 2014

The rising revulsion against “Madrid” showed in many ways. Originally it 
was thought that bussing demonstrators from the regions would require 
1500 coaches, but on the day more than 2000 had to be hired.
The metro and rail lines serving the working-class inner and outer 
“belts” of Barcelona, where families from other parts of Spain, Latin 
America and North Africa predominate, were packed.

In the populous neighbourhoods, the estalada, the pro-independence 
version of the Catalan flag (with its white star on a blue 
triangle—taken from Cuba’s) has been hanging from more balconies than 
ever, a visual symbol of growing working-class desertion of the 
social-democratic and anti-consultation Party of Catalan Socialists 
(PSC), the Catalan affiliate of the once-reformist Spanish Socialist 
Workers Party (PSOE).

It’s not that hundreds of thousands of working people of non-Catalan 
origin have become one-eyed Catalan nationalists. As in Scotland, 
working-class support for national rights is driven by the experience of 
central-government austerity. Put bluntly: “If those bastards are 
opposed to the Catalans’ right to decide, I’m probably with the 
Catalans’ right to decide.”

Dick Nichols, http://links.org.au/node/4061


Laia Gordi: As you have been campaigning for Yes to independence in 
Scotland, what’s your view –and your guess- on the Catalan 
self-determination movement and referendum?

Tariq Ali: The Catalonian self-determination movement is largely led by 
the Catalan bourgeoisie. That’s the unfortunate  truth. They are 
fighting essentially on the basis of “we are richer than the rest of 
Spain and why shouldn’t we spend all this money on ourselves?”


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