[Marxism] Two views on Podemos

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Sat Nov 29 15:27:20 MST 2014

On 29/11/2014 22:51, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> I think we probably have different ideas about what a "liberal
> trajectory" means. But beyond the question of its decision, for example,
> to scale back some of its more radical proposals, there is another
> dimension that has to be considered--namely, the class dynamic of a
> party that has no links to the Spanish bourgeoisie and that is open and
> transparent.

I'm myself more positive about Podemos than just calling them liberals
and writing them off, but they're not particularly more open or
transparent than other parties. They've recently set up their internal
organisation through a slate (or strictly speaking, quasi-slate) system.
They have no organic links to the working class. Sure they're not like
Labour or the Democcrats, but Spain has IU and the PCE as working class
parties with plenty of cadre (we're talking high tens of thousands, not
tiny sect size). Podemos seems a lot more hazy and potentially penetrable.


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