[Marxism] Two Vews of Podemos

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Sun Nov 30 12:42:29 MST 2014

I think we probably have different ideas about what a "liberal 
trajectory" means. But beyond the question of its decision, for example, 
to scale back some of its more radical proposals, there is another 
dimension that has to be considered--namely, the class dynamic of a 
party that has no links to the Spanish bourgeoisie and that is open and 
transparent. Unlike the British Labour Party or the Democratic Party for 
that matter, Podemos is much more like the Greens in the USA. If you 
keep in mind that Podemos represents the next stage of the 
anti-capitalist struggle in Spain rather than the Leninist party that 
will ultimately be necessary for total emancipation, then it begins to 
make sense. The British SWP's mistake is to counterpose a Platonic ideal 
of a Leninist Party and seduce the innocent into its imaginary ranks. 


Louis's habitual counterposition of a "Platonic ideal of a Leninist party" to the 
"real movement" contributes nothing whatsoever to developing a critical orientation
to varous left-reformist parties (Greens, NPA, Linke, Siriza, Podemos). This is perhaps as 
he intends, because developing a critical orientation presupposes the prior existence of
Marxists attempting to develop it, and, as far as I can gather, Louis regards any attempt by
Marxists to differentiate themselves politically and organizationally from left-reformists
as hopelessly sectarian.

Left-reformism is by no means a "stage" in the inexorable development
of revolutionary consciousness. Allende's UP was a "stage" leading to the Pinochet coup, and 
Mitterand's experiment in left-Keynesianism in 1981 was a "stage" leading to a rightwing
about-face by the Socialists when confronted with an economic counteroffensive by the
French and European bourgeoisie. A revolutionary outcome requires organizations
who propagate its necessity and fight for it at every stage. Fighting for such an outcome
doesn't necessarily involve "writing off" left-reformists, but precludes total identification
with them.

Jim Creegan    

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