[Marxism] Israel moves closer to a single-state solution

Dayne Goodwin daynegoodwin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 22:43:09 MDT 2014

i think the current and likely future Israel government's long term
goal is continued steady ethnic cleansing aiming to have a Jewish
state extending to the Jordan River (at least).  Netanyahu sees
Sharon's removal of settlements from the Gaza Strip as a mistake
because the Gaza Strip is now probably the most serious obstacle to
eventually eradicating any memory of a Palestinian nationality.

While pursuing this goal, the Israel government prepares for dealing
with any eventualities and need for pragmatic compromise resulting
from forces beyond its control.  An important part of this is the
recent aggressive public emphasis on demanding recognition of a
"Jewish state."  My understanding is that Israel's 1952 Status Law
intertwines the World Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency/Jewish
National Fund inextricably with the state of Israel and is the
foundation for the "Jewish nationality" to be the only legally
recognized nationality in the state of Israel - a Palestinian
nationality is certainly not recognized and not even an "Israeli"

The government of Israel fools the world with its false claim to be
democratic by recognizing - in a legally restricted and precarious way
- citizenship for some Palestinians.  Most do not understand that the
full democratic rights of citizenship that are assumed in secular
states are available in Israel only to "Jewish nationals."

I think that the discussion on the Israeli 'right' which Marv shared
with us, is discussion about how an enlarged Israel could still keep
the remaining Palestinians legally repressed as it already is doing in
fully Israel controlled territory.  It might come to pass that Israel
has to do something like this for some time while it still presses
steadily forward with ethnic cleansing, just as it works steadily now
to take control of remaining Palestinian land within the 1948 borders
and press remaining Palestinians to emigrate.

I think we should try to spread understanding that Israel is an
unusual state even among settler-colonial states.  Israel is a
theocratic state that gives full rights only to 'Jewish nationals'
within its current borders while being legally prepared to recognize
extra-territorial 'Jewish nationality.'  This expansionist Jewish
state of Israel has never been willing to define its borders.

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> And
>> that is why I still believe that ethnic cleansing is on the Zionist menu.
> I could easily have missed the forest for the trees, but at this point, I
> can't see a coherent Zionist agenda (other than racism all around) or any
> sort of consensus for the future. The governing coalition can't even agree
> on whether they're better off with Hamas or the PA running Gaza right now,
> much less a long-term strategy.
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