[Marxism] Brazil - a left challenge to Rousseff

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Tue Sep 2 10:50:00 MDT 2014

Marina Silva is another option for the Brazilian right. She does not have a
single concrete proposal. In her demagogic discourses she always promises a
government "for all". And she's not so "green",

The left-wing candidate Luciana Genro challenged Marina Silva yesterday in
a national TV debate to choose one side: the workers' or the capitalists'
side. But Marina says this is a discourse of the "old left", and that she
represents a "new politics".

Besides all that, she's an evangelical committed to the most backward
groups and political positions related to gay marriage, homophobia,
abortion, the teaching of creationism in schools, etc.

Greetings from Brazil,

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> I have grown skeptical of Marina Silva after seeing her endorsed by some
> unsavory Wall Street types. Yes, she is good on environmental issues but
> she is committed apparently to neoliberal "reforms", not that the Workers
> Party is any bargain.
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