[Marxism] English radicals in support of Scottish independence

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Wed Sep 3 16:18:52 MDT 2014

Do not have a position on weakening the British State?  
Some British lefties identify with the British State privileges and occupations,
but no surprise that all the Irish nationalists welcome a YES vote - to cause the
ending of the "United Kingdom" - that will directly aid the ending of the British
occupation of Northern Ireland.  
Perhaps one should understand The National Question that led to the Soviet Union
being the first and only nation for many years to give official recognition to the
nation of Ireland.  Perhaps DW does not realize there is a "connection" to the
Scotland and Ireland Independence struggles?
Always excuses by the privileged in England to identify with the real British imperialists
and offer fears of instability of having oppressed people having control of their
own nation, even when just a bourgeois democracy. The working people of Scotland
and Ireland will do better with a less powerful England!


> I don't have a position on this question (simply because I haven't studied
> it) but i do have some questions. I could be wrong but they are not voting
> for a Republic. The Queen remains head of state, it seems, or will. Also
> the continued use of the Pound as their currency seems to . And there seems
> to be a general consensus the new Scottish entity will surrender their
> sovereignty to Europe pretty quickly. There seems to be a rip roaring
> debate on this question on the left in Scotland and the UK. I will read the
> articles posted by Richard and see what they have to say.
> DW

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