[Marxism] A question for those in American accademia

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 4 18:05:39 MDT 2014

On 9/4/14 7:50 PM, Joseph Catron via Marxism wrote:
> Does anyone with more experience in such matters care to offer a somewhat
> objective analysis of the scale of the situation?

I have plenty of experience with these things as a Columbia University 
employee for 21 years. The Israeli lobby has targeted the school ever 
since Edward Said created the MEALAC department. Time after time I saw 
exactly the same kinds of assaults on Columbia (and Barnard) professors.

I also saw the same thing happen to Joel Kovel when he was at Bard.

This is a perfect storm since it conjoins two very explosive issues, the 
post-Gaza trauma/BDS and the corporatization of the university. Like 
Hurricane Sandy was the conjunction of a storm from the Caribbean and a 
Northeaster from Canada.

The outcome on this will have profound consequences.

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