[Marxism] in state of Israel, "citizen" is legally inferior status to "Jewish national"

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The Consequences of Conflating Religion, Race, Nationality and Citizenship

by  Joseph Schechla

"Much has been written, forgotten and written again over the past
century on the subject of Zionism and Israel’s unique civil status
categories and corresponding practices. For a person with a long life
and memory, it may be surprising to find that the crucial distinction
between nationality and citizenship in Israel is news to so many
people concerned with the conflict and problem of Zionism.
Understandably for observers not regularly engaged in the conflict,
such as human rights treaty body members, the concept has been a
. . .
"To understand how “Jewish nationality” operates in practice to
discriminate against non-Jewish “citizens” of Israel, especially the
indigenous Palestinian ones, one must appreciate that the Zionist
para-state institutions that authored the concept and enshrined it in
their charters, are also the same guardians of “Jewish nationality”
privilege. This is particularly institutionalized in economic fields,
most clearly activities involving land, housing, public services and
. . .
"To interpret an Israeli law, or any Zionist document, it is necessary
to know Zionist terms and their ideological meaning. While the “Jewish
people” concept is essential to Zionist public law relations with Jews
outside of the State of Israel, the Israel Government Year-Book
(1953–54) recognized the “great constitutional importance” of the
Status Law (1952): Not only did Israel’s first prime minister submit
it for legislation as “one of the foremost basic laws,” but also
clarified that “this Law completes the Law of Return in determining
the Zionist character of the State of Israel.” The cornerstone of the
discriminatory legal structure is the Status Law (1952), supported by
two Basic Laws: the Law of Citizenship and the Law of Return."
. . .

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