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Tomorrow there's an interesting meeting in London in support of
independence with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
The time line on the page is worth perusing for conflicting POVs...esp
from among the English left.

There's also this strong advocacy: 'No excuse for No.' by James
Meadway  -- which keenly explores the actual living dynamic on the
ground in Scotland  that I was trying to emphasise..


Of interest to this thread --- he writes:

"This is not about "dividing the class". It is about dividing the
state. Independence is not a pure class issue. (Almost nothing ever
is.) But English socialists becoming hot and bothered about the
"illusions" of nationalism show a stunning lack of self-awareness.
Scottish nationalism is not some freakish outgrowth of the far north,
whilst support for the British state is merely the natural order of
things, to be left unexamined. Those "internationalists" urging a No
vote to oppose Scottish nationalism are seeing a mote in their
neighbour's eye, but ignoring the beam in their own. Whatever the
misdemeanours of Scottish nationalism, they are as nothing compared to
the world-historic crimes of British. And support for No is support
for British nationalism.
"This is the key to the third, decisive, reason to support Yes. It is
why the referendum matters so much, north and south of the border. It
is the hope raised by RIC: that, contrary to the official Yes
campaign, which has been at pains until recently to stress continuity,
independence can become a decisive break with the neoliberal politics
that have failed most Scots for decades. The campaign has drawn in new
political forces, reshaped the radical left, and helped create a
national conversation about the type of society Scotland could

As I suggested: That ethnic minorities may be keenly behind Yes is
discussed in this article: 'Why Are So Many Scots From Ethnic
Minorities Voting Yes?'


There's also a very useful aggregation of articles available from LINKS

dave riley

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