[Marxism] “Most of the airstrikes have targeted civilians and not ISIS headquarters. Thank God.”

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hey michael -

1) regarding ghouta / august 21 here are some other worthwhile studies
which support my contention that the early propaganda from white house and
hrw was bs:

Tesla Lab and MIT (Postol):


Good Review of Facts with Links by German Blog / Zahran Alloush prime suspect



2) regarding who is really fighting isis ...

are you aware that syrian army killed many more isis fighters in the past
week than the us has in their air strikes of the past month?  according to
sohr saa killed 346 isis fighters over the 5 day battle for tabqa air


On Sun, Sep 7, 2014 at 12:46 AM, Michael Karadjis <mkaradjis at gmail.com>

> Hey Rick,
> In your post in response to Louis Proyect you noted "Your disregard for
> accuracy is immediately apparent." Therefore, when I read further down that
> you were sending an article with "relevant information," I was heartened
> that I was to read something from someone who is such a sticker for
> accuracy (http://www.counterpunch.org/2014/09/03/more-nato-
> aggression-against-syria/).
> Interestingly then, when I started reading, after a couple of little fibs
> that can easily be passed by, I read, regarding Assad's massive chemical
> attack on hundreds of sleeping children last August that "Since then, the
> case that the Syrian government was responsible for the attack has been
> effectively discredited."
> Wondering what the new information might be, I opened the link, only to
> find it was nothing but the evidence-free opinion piece by Seymour Hersch.
> You know, the one that relies entirely on the alleged testimony of some
> unnamed "intelligence officer."
> So tell me Rick, is it your own "disregard for accuracy" that is perhaps
> the problem when you write, not that the case Assad did it has been
> disputed (English language: an accurate statement), but has been
> "discredited"?
> So, no matter how inherently unlikely Hersch's tale, I guess we could say
> "noone knows 1000% for certain." Like a lot of things, I suppose. So
> sometimes you actually have to use your brain.
> So let's try that one. According to the big one that says the opposition
> did it, it seems the FSA fighters at the frontlines of their working-class
> Damascus suburbs they control (I guess "workers world" people know the
> class dimensions of the Syrian conflict - oh hang on, maybe I'm forgetting
> their attitude to workers in most of the world since 1956), deliberately
> gassed their sleeping families back home with sarin, just to try to get a
> US intervention. Furthermore, they not only had the delivery systems to do
> it with, but they were also brilliant enough to fire in a number of
> different directions, at various FSA-controlled suburbs that form a
> semi-circular ring around the Assad-controlled bourgeois centre of
> Damascus, so as to cunningly make it look like the sarin was shot from the
> direction of this regime-controlled centre. And they did this without
> actually being there, but at scattered points just around the outside of
> it, I guess. And moreover, the alleged aim in gassing their children to
> death, to get US intervention, funnily metastasised into a US-Russia-Assad
> deal on chemicals which had the effect of allowing Assad to dramatically
> step up his genocidal attacks on the Syrian people with every means of
> "conventional" WMD possible, plus adding mass starvation siege to the mix,
> knowing where the "red line" was, while now a party cooperating on a grand
> endeavour of chemical removal.
> By the way, now that the US is actually launching war on the jihdists (as
> opposed to the purely imaginary war you thought he was launching last year
> on Assad), are you and the like-minded going to feel a little embarrassed
> by all these years of garbage about "US-backed jihadists" in Syria? Oh,
> hang on ... I just checked. I guess not.
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