[Marxism] Growing union density in NYC

Ella Wind ella.cwind at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 15:27:37 MDT 2014


Two CUNY School of Professional Studies professors recently released their
yearly report on the state of unions in the United States. The study’s
authors, Ruth Milkman and Stephanie Luce, said despite the steady decline
in union membership in previous years, the appearance of unions in the
workforce is beginning to rise in the New York City area.

“New York ranks first in union density among the nation’s fifty states,
with a unionization rate more than double the U.S. average of 11.3 percent
in 2013-14,” the study reads.

While the state of unions at NYU is still discussed, Milkman is not
confident in the longevity of the trend at this point, despite all
indications that there is a resurgence in unions throughout the state of
New York and specifically New York City.

“[It’s] too soon to know what the jump in unionization means for the long
run,” Milkman said. “In the short run it reflects the growth of employment
in long-unionized sectors, especially construction, that declined after the
2008 crash.”

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