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I remember years ago being shocked when I read Ingmar Bergman’s autobiography *The Magic Lantern*. Bergman pointed out that sympathy for Nazi Germany was widespread in the milieu in which he grew up. Some of his school teachers were openly sympathetic to the “new Germany.” One teacher used to spend his summers attending officers’ meetings in Bavaria. Bergman’s brother (who later on entered the diplomatic corps) was an organizer for the Swedish National Socialists. Ingmar himself at the age of 16 went to Germany as an exchange student. Since, he was a pastor’s son, he was paired with a German boy who was also a pastor’s son. This German pastor was an ardent Nazi who was as prone to use texts from *Mein Kampf* for his Sunday sermons as he was the Gospels. As an exchange student young Ingmar became an enthusiast for Hitler’s regime. Bergman reported that his infatuation with Nazism lasted until after the end of WW II when finally the evidence of what the Nazis did to the Jews and others had become so strong as to become undeniable. However, in the meantime  Ingmar’s family had become close to the German family that he had boarded with. His sister became engaged to the German student that Ingmar had been paired with. He became a pilot in the Luftwaffe and was shot down and killed atthe beginning of WW II.

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 From �Stieg Larsson: the Real Story of the Man Who Played With Fire� by 
Jan-Erik Petterson

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