[Marxism] Fwd: Anton Shekhovtsov's blog: Boris Kagarlitsky, a Kremlin's mole in the leftist movement

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Sep 10 07:02:48 MDT 2014

(The organizers of a conference that Kagarlitsky and Richard Brenner 
spoke at organized another one soon afterwards that invited leaders of 
the British National Party and Jobbik. Nice.)


Boris Kagarlitsky, a Kremlin's mole in the leftist movement

Deluded British leftists like to invite Russian allegedly left-wing 
publicist Boris Kagarlitsky of the Institute for Globalization Studies 
and Social Movements to take part in their events.

On 2 June this year, he joined, via Skype, the founding meeting of the 
"Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine" that was 
attended by Richard Brenner, Lindsey German (Counterfire), Andrew Murray 
(Communist Party of Great Britain), Alan Woods (International Marxist 
Tendency) and Sergei Kirichuk (Borotba).

On 27 August, he spoke at the public meeting "How to stop the spread of 
War". Other speakers and participants included Tariq Ali, Lindsey 
German, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Owen Jones, Francesca Martinez, Stafford 
Scott, Kate Smurthwaite, and Christian Fuchs.

In Russia, however, Kagarlitsky prefers a different company. I have 
already mentioned that Kagarlitsky took part in a meeting of the Russian 
far right "Florian Geyer" club headed by Russian right-wing Islamist 
Geydar Dzhemal and frequented by Russian fascists such as Aleksandr 
Dugin, Maksim Kalashnikov and Mikhail Leontyev, Swedish anti-Semite 
Israel Shamir and Italian Nazi-Maoist Claudio Mutti among others.

Kagarlitsky (and Richard Brenner) also took part in the conference "The 
world crisis and the conflict in Ukraine" held in annexed Yalta on 6-7 
July 2014. The organisers of this conference - the ultranationalist 
"Novaya Rus" (New Russia) headed by Aleksey Anpilogov - held a second 
conference titled "Russia, Ukraine, New Russia: global problems and 
challenges", to which they invited international fascists such as Frank 
Creyelman (Vlaams Belang), Luc Michel (Parti Communautaire 
National-Européen), Márton Gyöngyösi (Jobbik), Roberto Fiore (Forza 
Nuova), Mateusz Piskorski (Samooborona) and Nick Griffin (British 
National Party). (Only Piskorski and Fiore, however, were able to come.)

And here is a photograph that features Kagarlitsky in a company of 
Russian fascists: Aleksey Belyaev-Gintovt (prominent member of Aleksandr 
Dugin's International Eurasian Movement), Yevgeniy Zhilin (militant 
extreme right Oplot group), Konstantin Krylov (far right "Russian Social 
Movement - Russia") and Yegor Kholmogorov.

Next time, British leftists may want to invite Kagarlitsky's fascist 
friends to some left-wing meeting in London too.

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