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The second half of Paul’s tale follows the reception of Ives from the 
Cold War to the early twenty-first century, positing the composer as a 
tool in the ideological battle waged by the US against the Soviet Union. 
In the process, Ives’s music gained a transnational audience. The United 
States Information Agency (USIA), a major force in anti-Communist 
propaganda, asserted Ives as a paragon of American independence and 
exceptionalism, distributing his image, as well as his scores and 
recordings, around the world. During these same years, Leonard Bernstein 
also stepped forward as a major champion of Ives’s music; he toured 
Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union with the New York Philharmonic in 
1959, performing The Unanswered Question in Leningrad and Moscow. A work 
with conflicting fields of sound, The Unanswered Question poses “the 
Perennial Question of Existence” (solo trumpet) against “the Silence of 
the Druids” (strings) and “Fighting Answerers” (woodwind quartet), and 
it could be viewed as embodying unresolvable Cold War tensions.

full: http://www.the-tls.co.uk/tls/public/article1457087.ece

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