[Marxism] Fwd: The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب: In the Name of Trotsky? Jihadi-Trotskyites?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Sep 11 07:04:20 MDT 2014


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In the Name of Trotsky? Jihadi-Trotskyites?
 From Ajit: "This is quite funny.

  Louis Proyect,  New york's  resident  Jihadi-trotskyite  nut, thinks 
Free Syrian Army (FSA) is coming back to Power soon.

It is some video produced in Syria. Midway through the video, Jamal 
Maruf himself appears on video denouncing both Assad regime and  ISIS.

    Proyect  is head over heels with the Syrian "rebels".

These types of "leftists" apparently think US is secretly  backing 
Assad against FSA. "


When I checked my blog this morning, I saw a number of page views 
emanating from Asad AbuKhalil's (aka the Angry Arab) blog, the man with 
a bad hairdo and worse politics.

This is now the second time he has referred to me as a "Trotskyite", 
showing a grasp of my politics that can be compared to George W. Bush's 
command of Marxist value theory. Frankly, I don't mind being called a 
"Trotskyite". I get called worse things 5 times a week by anonymous trolls.

But the real problem is trying to engage with this professor who at one 
time had a publicist capable of landing him guest spots on Bill Maher's 
show. Now he has lapsed into the obscurity he well deserves.

In terms of believing that the "US is secretly backing Assad against 
FSA", I have never said anything like that. (How would the Angry Arab 
know what I believe since there is zero evidence that he is familiar 
with my blog that regularly finds fault with the Trotskyist movement on 
one score or another.)

Instead I have said that Baathists and IS were attacking the FSA from 
different angles. The Angry Arab, like most of the "anti-imperialist" 
left has written 1000 articles (all as superficial as the one above) 
making an amalgam between the FSA and jihadism. Now that this analysis 
lies on the ground in a smoldering rubble, he is at a loss presumably to 
explain why he screwed up so royally. Maybe he would be better informed 
if he became one of my regular readers rather than relying on WSWS.org 
or Global Research for his talking points.

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