[Marxism] Michael Moore Slams Obama: All He'll Be Remembered for Is "First Black President"

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Sep 11 23:12:19 MDT 2014

The surprise is not how much money Michael Moore made -
but what he did with it.  I wrote clearly he invested in the
Merchant of War companies and a known Bank Predator
company.  And he gave very little to non-profit and to social
justice groups even less.  Does anyone on this list think 
there is not a problem with investing in the Boeing military


> Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 14:23:19 -0700
> John O. wrote:
>  >
> Michael Moore was exposed widely two months ago during his divorce in 
> June 2014, when documents revealed his wealth at fifty million dollars.

> Certainly worth knowing but it is more a question than an answer: what 
> was the content of the movies that made him that fortune? On balance, 
> did they make the politico-cultural scene better or worse? (That's 
> different than following his abject advice every four years.)
> It was revealing in the Hollywood Reporter clip that he says, "I left 
> Toronto [25 years ago after Roger and Me was a great success] in first 
> class .... and boy, once you've flown first class, it is hard to go back."


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