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One problem: His lists of "anti-American" (campist) versus
"anti-imperialist" (i.e. Trotskyist) groups has what seems to be a glaring
error: he puts  http://www.criticatac.ro/lefteast/ in the former camp (pun
intended) when IMO it should be in the latter (search "Ukraine" at the site
for examples).

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> Since 1991 pro Kremlin leftists have been either been silent on or
> supportive of regimes in China, North Africa, Syria, North Korea, Zimbabwe,
> the Congo, fundamentalist Islamists, and Arab Baathists. Now Putin’s
> government, and pro Russian neo Nazi and fascist parties can be added to
> the list. Activists, workers, indigenous minorities and groups or persons
> with grievances against, opposed to or miserable due to the above listed
> governments or groups are ignored or condemned. Alongside the Russophilism,
> neo Soviet sympathies, material interest, delusion and ignorance that can
> account for this double standard among pro Kremlin leftists, is the
> anti-Americanism that has overshadowed anti-imperialism in their thinking.
> This world view plays a key role in keeping such leftists as amenable to
> Russian government media and continued Russian domination of Ukraine now as
> they were before 1991.
> Anti- Americanism is a set of beliefs that classifies imperialism as a
> singular specific American rather than global phenomenon that discounts or
> ignores competition between imperialists and intra capitalist rivalries.
> Anti- Americanism bears little relation to Lenin's concept of rival
> imperialist ruling classes divided within and engaged in an unending
> struggle with one another that dominated classes groups and nations might
> exploit. Instead, anti- americanists restrict “imperialism” to the
> objectives of a corporate controlled US government that supposedly
> dominates a bloc without fundamental intra ruling- class differences. Such
> a perspective leads believers to see the world as a stage for a duel
> between a capitalist USA and NATO on one side, and capitalist Russia on the
> other ---with possible allies like India Brazil and China. On this
> manichaen stage, Ukraine must remain Russian so the US does not get
> stronger. Middle or working class Ukrainians who see benefit in the EU, the
> massive support for the Maidan, a long tradition of Ukrainian
> anti-colonialism, and the possibility of future support from Ukrainian
> leftists in the fight against neo liberal capitalism within the EU, have no
> place on this stage. Nor does the possibility that Ukrainians might prefer
> the EU to the Russian variant of neo liberal capitalism because experience
> has shown them the latter is more destructive and rapacious than the
> former. Russian-style neo-soviet capitalism as exists in Ukraine is not
> tempered by a strong left opposition, trade unions, independent political
> parties and rule of law -- what Marx considered the “bourgeois rights and
> liberties” established in Europe between 1789 and 1914.
> full: http://krytyka.com/en/community/blogs/left-or-
> russia-strange-case-foreign-pro-kremlin-radical-leftists
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