[Marxism] From the Guardian: Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 might have been shot down from air

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Fri Sep 12 10:25:58 MDT 2014

> theguardian.com
> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/sep/12/malaysia-airlines-flight-mh17-most-likely-shot-down-from-ground
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> The possibility that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down  
> from the ground is the "most likely" scenario being explored by  
> dozens of detectives, according to the Dutch prosecutor overseeing  
> the criminal investigation into the downing of the jet.
The coverup of the Ukrainian crime goes on apace.  With the black  
boxes containing all flight data and all the in-cockpit conversation  
in their hands the NATO prosecutors cannot even pretend to exclude the  
"less likely" scenario that MH17 was shot down by an interceptor jet  
or jets.

Meanwhile they are "poring over 350 million web pages and thousands of  
photos and films that could contain evidence of the attack, and trying  
to verify the authenticity of intercepted phone conversations."
> Detectives and forensic experts also are looking at 25 metal objects  
> recovered from bodies and wreckage to see if they can offer any clues.
25 objects!  Why so few?  Because the Kiev/Ukrainian "authorities"  
ever since the downing have been carrying on their "antiterrorist  
operation" (and how many bells does that phraseology set off?) around  
the crash site. By pure coincidence these "operations" made it  
"impossible" for the "investigators" to collect the physical evidence  
still lying around for them to pick up.  As  to why there is no  
information from or about the satellite surveillance of the area--does  
anyone need to ask?  But not to worry. There are hundreds of millions  
of  "web pages and  photos and films" to mine in order to come up with  
an account echoing
>  "the investigation into the Lockerbie bombing that took years to  
> identify suspects."
one of whom was actually acquitted while the other was convicted by  
NATO judges despite the total absence of evidence against him. But  
what the hell--they managed to extort a few billion from Qaddafi and  
made sure the real story would never be heard while the Libyan  
dictator would get all the blame. Like now, when it will "take years"  
to come up with a report blaming the present Russian dictator, after  
which the Western media will have so thoroughly entrenched the thesis  
of "Russian Guilt" in public consciousness that any prosecutorial  
fiction, however grossly stitched together, will pass as common  

Shane Mage

"Thunderbolt steers all things." Herakleitos of Ephesos, fr. 64

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