[Marxism] From the Guardian: Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 might have been shot down from air

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Sep 12 11:54:31 MDT 2014

On 9/12/14 12:25 PM, Shane Mage via Marxism wrote:
> one of whom was actually acquitted while the other was convicted by NATO
> judges despite the total absence of evidence against him. But what the
> hell--they managed to extort a few billion from Qaddafi and made sure
> the real story would never be heard while the Libyan dictator would get
> all the blame. Like now, when it will "take years" to come up with a
> report blaming the present Russian dictator, after which the Western
> media will have so thoroughly entrenched the thesis of "Russian Guilt"
> in public consciousness that any prosecutorial fiction, however grossly
> stitched together, will pass as common knowledge.

Shane, at this point I've gotten use to having the same relationship to 
the Kremlin that Gus Hall once had but where in the Guardian article is 
support for the idea that the MH17 "might have been shot down from air". 
I read the article 3 times, taking my cataracts into account, but found 
nothing to support that notion.

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