[Marxism] Michael Moore Slams Obama: All He'll Be Remembered for Is "First Black President"

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 12 18:01:38 MDT 2014

John O. wrote:
...he invested in the Merchant of War companies and a known Bank 
Predator company. And he gave very little to non-profit and to social 
justice groups even less. Does anyone on this list think there is not a 
problem with investing in the Boeing military company?

You are right. Yet the other kind of wealthy investor is a problem, too. 
Suppose an investor chooses to buy into so-called socially beneficial 
lines of business, or at least to avoid a list of sectors like military, 
tobacco, GMO seeds, and cut-and-slash buyout funds. He wants to keep his 
soul pure, but he does not make much of a difference.

As for good works, Andrew Carnegie built a bunch of public libraries. So 
far as I know (namely, nothing), this was in itself a positive thing. 
Bill Gates gives a bunch of money to education, that is, to initiatives 
that destroy education. Difference of personality, or sign of a 
historical change?

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