[Marxism] Fwd: Michael Moore Slams Obama: All He’ll Be Remembered for Is ‘First Black President’ | Mediaite

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 12:21:32 MDT 2014

This part of the city is almost entirely black and has been for many
years.  All of the whites I work with supported Obama and live in
essentially white communities.  And almost all of my neighbors supported
Obama--except for one oddball hyperpatriot African American veteran and gun
nut around the corner.

I can't recall once where the presidential election came up among my white
coworkers--including the nominal radicals, socialists, and Marxists--where
one or another of them did not challenge my "racist" opposition to Obama,
though charges that I was complicit in "the Republican War On Women" seemed
to be about twice as popular.

In contrast, none of my black neighbors saw the election this way.  They
have always tended to view my Green Party yard signs rather charitably, as
a kind of well-intentioned eccentricity on my part, I guess.  A few talked
about the need for role models, etc., though this seemed part of a more
general American brainwashing about celebrity--better to have a celebrity
who did crappy things than no celebrity at all. Their general view wasn't
that Obama would do anything at all to improve conditions here but that a
Republican victory would be seen as a green light for the whites to crack
down actively more aggressively on the black community across various

We've seen a series of policy decisions that should be conveying a lesson,
most dramatically perhaps the stream of stories about shootings and
brutalization of blacks by police forces functioning more like armies of
occupation.  But the lessons learned, I fear, is the groundless assertion
that the Republicans would have done much worse, and this view vindicates
their earlier decision.

As to the whites, I think the undaunting and undented self-love most of
them have in such ample supply will prohibit any critical examination of
any of their many past errors.

As I've said before, the imminent campaign to put Hillary in the White
House just makes me cringe.  Here in Ohio, we're already getting polled by
robo-calls regularly.  The prospect of spending the election year out of
its earshot is very appealing.


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